June 12, 2018

reveox - simple and inexpensive travelling

reveox is a project of Borderless Mobility that enables our users to get to their destination comfortably and inexpensively.

Every day thousands of car relocations take place in order to balance company’s fleets. Primarily those cars are move due to a need of it at another location.

Our users can make use of these rides by using a relocation ride as one of their means of travel. Instead of sitting in a fully loaded coach or waiting for a delayed train, our users enjoy modern cars, can take a break during their journey and are able to take to their destination for free as well, depending on the offered vehicle type.

Have a look at beta.reveox.com where we add up to 100 on a daily basis. If your destination is not available right now, you can create a ride alert and get notified, as soon as we have a match in our database.